Saturday, June 25, 2005

What is The NC Way?

Howdy! This blog is an extension of my column at The NC Way. Here I will cover the news that happens in between our biweekly publishing schedule or that doesn't fit into the article format in use there.

This blog is separate from my personal one Genus Haha. I value a separation between my work and the rest of my life and just couldn't bring myself to start posting general Libertarian news and opinion there. By keeping them separate I hope to have decreased the possibility of boring all my various readers. If you've found me through this blog, you may find the personal one interesting as I talk a lot about local and state politics from a Libertarian perspective there.

What is The NC Way? I am extremely proud of the Libertarian Party of NC and literally thank God just about every single day that I live in North Carolina. We are growing in size, support and public policy influence precisely because of the culture most all our activists share. NC Libertarians are committed to Liberty first and foremost. NC Libertarians place ultimate value on what is actually right and true without fear or favor, rather than allowing our views to be dictated by our personal likes and dislikes. NC Libertarians argue with each other just like everybody else, but afterwards we still remember whose side we're all on and go out together for a beer. NC Libertarians understand that talking is fun, but action is our true purpose. Most of all, NC Libertarians are proud to be Libertarians and are always looking for the best ways to tell all the people who we are and what we believe and make the party inviting to anyone who simply wants more Liberty.

Since my time on the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), I have developed the role of reporter on the inner workings of the national Libertarian Party, applying the NC Way sensibility to my coverage. There is a strong demand by party members for this information, and thus a strong interest in making sure the news is timely and accurate. One of the nicest consequences of my work is that if you want to criticize the LP now you can't just make up speculation in the absence of fact and run with it. The facts are now available to all. This blog intends to speed up that process.

Unlike a lot of critics of the LNC, I have a great love for them and their work. I want to see them succeed. When they do right, I want to tell the world, helping the process of translating board room decisions into real political action. But when they do wrong, I have an obligation to tell our members about this too so it can be corrected. By providing this connection between the party structure and the membership, I hope to empower our members to take and keep control of their party.

Another good source for news and discussion of the events discussed here is the LFA Message Board. There you can engage in more of a dialogue about these issues and anything else related to Liberty and the libertarian movement.

This project costs a fair chunk of change, mostly the expenses of traveling to the quarterly LNC meetings across the country. It is a private venture funded by your generous donations. To continue providing this service, I need your help. If you want to donate, or have any other questions or concerns about the LNC Meeting Report project, my mailing address is:

Sean Haugh
1821 Hillandale Rd #1B-332
Durham NC 27705



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