Monday, July 25, 2005

Joe Seehusen's legacy

I just posted this as a comment to the previous post, but after writing it I'd like to give my thoughts a little more prominence.

The legacy Joe Seehusen leaves us is that under his watch, the LP finally engaged the public policy debate in Washington DC. The importance of this cannot be understated. The purpose of a political party is to change public policy, and Joe was the first guy we ever hired who truly got it.

The number one criterion we need to look at when hiring his replacement is to continue the outreach programs he and his staff instituted.

In the long view of history, no one is ever going to remember databases or website redesigns or any other internal mechanics. What is going to be remembered is whether or not the basic purpose of the organization was advanced. On that score, Joe can leave the scene assured in the knowledge of a job well done.

I have also gotten to know Joe as a person, and he really is a beautiful human being. He is always upbeat, to the point where I've never caught him saying a bad word about anybody. He has engaged others around him with love and joy in his heart for both the cause of Liberty and his fellows. His attitude has served us very well. I wish him well in all his future endeavors, and for our sake I hope they remain within the Libertarian movement.


Anonymous GregD said...

Here in the Detroit area, our auto companies are cutting back due to difficult economic times, but they also acknowledge that they cannot budget cut their way to profitability.

Many of the numbers produced under Seehusen were unverifiable. The coming months will show his real legacy.

To think that the LP, through the Iraq Exit Strategy, "finally engaged the public policy debate in Washington DC," demonstrates a real ignorance of politics. Cato can write policy papers and advise Congres, they are a think tank. The LP is a competitor and both Democratic and Republican lawmakers are pretty much required to ignore any proposal we issue -- unless it is backed up with tons of grassroots support like the "Know Your Customer" activity.

"Know Your Customer" was a success, "Iraq Exit Strategy" was a failure. Please do not engage in revisionist history -- Seehusen has not engaged the public policy debate, but previous administrations did.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous nameless said...

I really appreciated his outreach.

is there any way to get an honest, no B.S., exit interview with him so that we can build on what he has started? I just don't think we can afford to take any steps backwards at this point. It would be nice to actually build upon what he has started.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous GregD said...

Seehusen didn't start anything. He is not that bright. The LP had much more respect under previous administrations. Seehusen has driven away all the qualified people and replaced them with incompetents.

They keep boasting about their high Alexa rating for the web site. Quite frankly, I'd rather have a low Alexa rating like the Republicans -- a high Alexa rating does not translate into political success, but apparently most people are too stupid to figure that out.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous a_libertarian said...

Minor point about Alexa ratings: those ratings include ALL the sites under the domain name, such as,,,,, etc.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I'd like to see that mentioned once in a while. They should have the stats to prove that the absolute number of site visits is increasing, too.

3:23 AM  

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