Saturday, November 19, 2005

LNC Meeting Report - Miscellaneous

* Dixon was asked about the sensitivity training for the LNC mandated by the new policy against sexual harassment. He said he was striving to make this happen at the March 2006 meeting, and has identified a trainer.

* Region 5E Alternate Chuck Moulton (Pennsylvania) asked whether we would have a review of the Strategic Plan this term. Dixon responded that there was no motivation to do so until the LNC is more or less of the same view regarding the Plan.

* Region 5W Representative Jeremy Kiel (Wisconsin) reported on the status of the Branding project. They are undertaking what I believe is the project’s fourth marketing survey to help determine how we should begin. This one is an online survey of 1,000 voters to discover which of our messages reach the general public and how they resonate with them. Kiel is working with Mick McWilliams, who has extensive professional experience in market research. Being a party member, McWilliams is donating his time developing the survey and analyzing the results. His company still will be paid for the work of conducting the survey itself, at a cost of $16,000. This can be covered by money already raised for this project. Starr suggested that the survey identify not only popular issues, but also issues which will generate donations. A motion to approve the survey expenditure passed by voice vote.

* Carling resigned as the Chair of the Audit Committee, claiming that never received full financial statements from 2004, although Nelson has claimed that these were transmitted to the LNC in February. The LNC named Redpath to replace Carling on the committee.

* Carling reported that the groundwork establishing the Libertarian National Congressional Committee (LNCC) is very close to completion. Dixon and all the incorporators have signed off on the articles of incorporation. Seven of the eight incorporators have approved the LNCC bylaws. Moulton is setting up a website.

* Karlan reported that the minutes from the 2002 convention have finally been reconstructed, and in them he discovered a change in the Bylaws, which has been submitted to Sullentrup. He also identified a change in the Policy Manual from that time, amending the provision about how special agreements with any state party should be made available to all affiliates and require LNC approval. Starr pointed out that this would have been contained in a section which was repealed in its entirety by the zero dues resolution. Karlan replied that if this is the case, in his opinion this was in error. Carling asked Karlan to report at the next meeting where this policy change might go in the manual.

* Karlan reported on behalf of the Bylaws Committee. Geoff Neale has resigned as committee Chair in protest of the approval of zero dues by the LNC, which he feels is clearly in violation of our current Bylaws. Neale retains his seat on the committee. Karlan said he can provide leadership in his role as committee Secretary but we will need to select a new Chair when we convene in person in advance of the convention. Karlan, Cory and Haugh are working on setting up a dedicated message board for member education and input into the various Bylaws proposals. This should be up and running by the end of November. I am also serializing the various Bylaws proposals on my blog.

* Moulton raised questions about the confidentiality of reports. He cited how Nelson’s Treasurer’s Report almost immediately made its way onto various Libertarian blogs and expressed a concern that LNC members may be inhibited from full disclosure due to this phenomenon. Lark and Rutherford both added that they would like to see more attribution of sources and more complete reporting by these bloggers. Dixon replied that unless explicitly labeled confidential, all reports are public information and that we simply should accept that our many of our members not only are interested in this information but have every right to it. He did however express the desire that bloggers and reporters show some sensitivity to allowing the LNC the time and space to digest and consider the raw information contained in these reports. No action was taken.

* The next LNC meeting, scheduled for March 11-12, 2006, was originally planned for south Florida. Dixon reported that we are having trouble finding a hotel in that location at a reasonable price. He said that the second choice would be New Orleans, possibly giving us a media opportunity to show how we are supporting the rebuilding of that city. The third option would be Tucson. My money is on this last option, but maybe that is wishful thinking on my part since my family lives there and I always love an opportunity to visit them.


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I have repeatedly attempted to communicate with Dixon and Lark via telephone. Since I don't have phone numbers for these people, I sent emails requesting such a conversation. Dixon has ignored such requests. Lark has declined claiming to be too busy.

In the absence of real communication, as a blogger, I publish anything I can get my hands on.

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