Wednesday, November 02, 2005

LPUS listserve revived

This was received recently from George Phillies:

For many years, libertarians across America were faithfully served by email lists operated by Joe Dehn at They were places were all libertarians could discuss issues of interest to the national party and the national libertarian political movement. Joe has gained other interests; those groups have become inactive.

To revive this vital discussion on what our party should be doing, I am relaunching the group lpusmisc at yahoogroups dot com.

The group purpose is:

"LPUSMISC is a group for the discussion of the Libertarian Party and Libertarian Political activities. The focus is on putting Libertarian ideas into effect via successful, lawful political action: campaigns, referenda, litigation, petition, and similar means. Discussion of abortion, voting methods, and other disputatious topics that do not advance Libertarian political success is disallowed."

The group settings are:

* Membership requires approval
* Messages do not require approval
* All members can post messages
* Email attachments are permitted
* Members cannot hide email address
* Listed in directory

"Membership requires approval" is 'thank you, but we are not interested in your robots posting your sale of widgits in which we are likely not to be interested.'

To ask to join, go to yahoogroups and search for lpusmisc.

Remmeber, you can always set a yahoogroup mail setting to web only, meaning you will almost never get a mailing from the group, and will need to come to yahoogroups to read messages.


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