Saturday, August 27, 2005

LNC Meeting Report: Executive Directors Past and Future

Dixon said to begin his report that Joe Seehusen would be remembered for how he turned around our finances, restructured the type and style our employment at HQ, and changed our contracting procedures to substantially cut costs. Friday August 5th was Seehusen’s last day, with Cory filling in as interim chief of staff until a new Executive Director (ED) is hired.

Dixon spoke to the staff the day after Seehusen’s resignation. He retains the authority of the position now and relies upon Cory to execute his directives. He added that Cory was hired in part for his leadership skills, and cited the recent progress on fixing our database as an example.

The Employment Policy and Compensation Committee (EPCC) headed by Colley will conduct the search for a new ED. Colley will be spending time in the office in the fall to assist the transition. On Sunday, Nelson made a motion to transfer $65,000 in the budget from salary to professional services, both to reflect how our money is actually being spent and to fund the executive search. This passed by a voice vote.

Later in the meeting, Colley said he wants input from the LNC on the bonus structure for the ED position as well as on the position itself. He is consulting with professional search people for help, although internal candidates for the position are also encouraged to apply. Send your resumes and letters of interest to Sam New at HQ.

BetteRose Ryan continues as a member of the EPCC, and McGinnis was named later in the meeting to the committee. They will also have a role in gathering and shaping the information about defining the mission and goals of the position.

After the meeting adjourned, most LNC members stayed for a roundtable discussion led by Colley to find out what they are looking for in a new ED. The discussion was very positive and wide ranging with no particular sentiments coming to the fore. The general sense of the committee seems to be in favor of someone who will carry on Seehusen’s outreach programs while also being strong in fundraising and administration. They also seemed to understand that they as a board need to do a better job of defining and clarifying their expectations, with Starr being the most forceful advocate of this view.

At the close of the meeting, a resolution thanking Seehusen for his service passed by a unanimous voice vote.

While this has never risen above the rumor stage, the only tangible reason I have heard about the timing of Seehusen’s resignation is that it was in response to the infamous Raiser’s Edge resolutions of the Executive Committee between this and the previous meeting. Colley was the only one to publicly acknowledge that Seehusen mentioned this as a factor in his decision.


Anonymous GregD said...

That's rather odd. If you want to be considered for the position of ED, send your resume to somebody who will potentially be your employee.

Usually your resume goes to the people that you would be reporting to, not the ones that would be reporting to you.

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, come off it, Sean (and Mr. Colley). The man left because his tall tales were getting taller, and he knew he'd eventually fall off the beanstalk if he stayed.

He is also likely at a new job already, despite his claims otherwise.

I'm happy for the LP that he's moved on to grace others with his "expertise", but it saddens me to think that it may well be another organization in the free market movement that he's going to work his magic upon.

I hope they survive him, if that's the case.

2:49 PM  

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