Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another correction

LNC Counsel Bill Hall writes to say:

"To my knowledge, there are currently two formal proceedings in process before the LNC regarding claimed FEC reporting violations. One of them (concerning the late filing of an FEC report) I am handling. The FEC administrative officer reviewing the matter has suggested that the FEC levy a $2,800 fine (NOT $28,000) in that matter. We, of course, objected. This is the number I have been reporting for some time in my (non-privileged) reports to the LNC."

Sorry for the confusion. And by the way, aren't we lucky to have this guy as our lawyer? I have worked with Bill in a variety of capacities, from the legal stuff to the Bylaws Committee to just conversing with him at conventions. Beyond giving us a high quality product for a very generous price, he is happy to help the party any way he can, and is simply a warm, loving human being. Count me as a huge fan of Bill Hall, and extremely grateful that we have him on our side.


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