Friday, December 02, 2005

Bylaws Proposal - Make the Treasurer job description conform to reality

This was written by Dan Karlan:

The definition of Treasurer currently in the Bylaws does not take into account that a paid staff might be employed to do much of the routine accounting functions. We propose something along the following lines:

"The Treasurer is responsible for oversight of all financial functions, including, but not limited to receipts, disbursements, internal and external reporting. The Treasurer shall report to the LNC and the Convention regarding the financial situation of the Party."

[Sean adds:]

The current language reads:

"The Treasurer shall receive, expend and account for the funds of the Party under the supervision and direction of the Chair and the National Committee. The Treasurer shall make an annual financial report to the National Committee and shall perform all duties required of the office by applicable federal and state law."


Anonymous famualro said...

The LNC, Inc. is a federal PAC and the powers and duties of the Treasurer is specified by CFR 11. This federal law supercedes any provisions of LP bylaws.

11:43 AM  

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