Thursday, December 15, 2005

New Links

Lots to catch up on today. Sorry to be so spotty in posting. Suing the state keeps one occupied.

I've updated the right hand column, removing some dead or moribund links and adding a few. My definition of "libertarian," at least when it comes to NC blogs, has become pretty darn loose. If you are from NC (past or present), willing to be seen in public with us and I think you are cool, I'll put your blog up there once I find it.

Pushing this envelope is Matt Hill, a UNC-Greensboro student who supported the Free Speech protest there last month. Matt's blog is almost entirely about gay issues. OK, so he's a liberal, but he likes us and I like him, so he's in.

Two more of our stalwarts have been blogging regularly now, Eric Smith and Phillip Rhodes. Actually I just found Phillip's blog when looking up the link on Allison Jaynes' for the Free Speech protest. Both are sterling gentlemen with whom I'd gladly share this foxhole. OK, so I don't want to be in a foxhole to begin with, but if I have to be here their company makes it all the more worthwhile.

Three heavy hitters of the Libertarian movement have blogs or something resembling them now. Harry Browne is publishing semi-regularly, but he is so cool that he could post once a quarter and I'll still check back every day hoping for something new. CATO Institute has started its own blog for the uberintellectual public policy set. And it's long past time I added a link to the Libertarian Party blog.

Locally, due to car trouble and some really nasty weather up in the mountains, I hate that I am missing today's rally at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Asheville demanding the resignation of NC House Speaker Jim Black. Black is the kind of guy that almost never does anything directly but gets others to do his dirty work for him while leaving his name out of it. Several of his henchmen are now in hot water, taking away his human shields and plausible deniability. Several websites have popped up calling for his resignation. The first and still the best is Jim Black Must Go. Plenty of good detail there if you are looking for a reason to fire the guy.


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