Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bylaws Proposal: Change delegate apportionment method to be same as Electoral College

Again, thanks to Dan Karlan:

This proposal would eliminate the 1000-delegate membership dependency and the 400-delegate Presidential vote dependency, and would instead defer to the decennial census for the allocation of delegate numbers to individual affiliates.

[back to Sean:] There are several alternatives to this proposal floating around the committee. I personally prefer setting this at 2x the electoral college, to allow for a maximum of 1070 delegates. It's clear that the current Bylaws which allow for 1400 delegates restricts our choice in convention sites - although the LNC did not let that slow them down when they chose Portland, which can accommodate at most 650 delegates. I'd like to strike a balance between managability and inclusiveness. Others like a smaller delegate pool so that the position will actually start to become competitive.

Let us know what you think here or at the Bylaws Discussion message board.


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