Saturday, November 19, 2005

LNC Meeting Report - Dues, no longer debated

There were two proposals to revisit the dues debate, both brought by regional representatives on behalf of members. Region 1E Representative Dan Karlan (New Jersey) offered a motion submitted by the Massachusetts LP to set dues at $30, while Region 4 Alternate Trevor Southerland (Tennessee) put forward the plan of Jack Tanner of Florida to set dues at $0.0001 (one mil) along with a pledge to donate $100 to cover the fees for the first million members.

Squyres objected to consideration of both proposals, which very swiftly passed by a show of hands, 10-5 (two thirds required). Thus the LNC affirmed its will to have zero dues starting January 1, 2006.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dixon cited California and Indiana as positive examples of forward thinking in their response to zero dues, and asked both those state chairs to tell the committee their stories.

Starr explained that California had implemented pretty much what he had proposed to the LNC at the beginning of the year, $25 for a new state membership and $50 to renew. He said it is important to recognize that the transfer of our members’ relationships from national to state is not automatic, so attention to building new relationships is required to generate dues. Their goals are to convert 50% of national members to state membership and develop their own membership database program.

Rutherford spoke for Indiana. They are going the opposite direction, choosing not to charge dues in favor of other fundraising. They have contracted with a development specialist for their fundraising program. This change will require revisions of their bylaws. Rutherford cited one great advantage, relieving their county affiliates from the task of member recruitment.

Nelson pointed out at the end of the meeting that the Policy Manual obligated the LNC to provide membership cards to new members. With zero dues set to take place, this obligation would continue with no means of funding. Karlan moved to delete that section of the Policy Manual, which passed on a voice vote.


Anonymous Jack Tanner said...

Florida mailing results thru Nov-19 (23 days)

1143 letters mailed Oct-27 cost $545 (.477 each)

152 replies received 13.30% of mailed 1143
all replies attached own postage stamp

90 email address 59.21% of replies
91 phone number 59.87% of replies

64 volunteered 42.11% of replies
70 LP Pledge agreement 46.05% of replies

44 contributors to State 28.95% of replies
1750 dollars to State

5 contributors to County affiliates 3.29% of replies
172 dollars to 5 County affiliates

1377 dollars NET after cost of mailing

Jack Tanner, Treasurer

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Jack Tanner said...

Florida mailing results thru Dec-27 (60 days)
17.24% REPLIES received 197 of mailed 1143
all replies attached own postage stamp

59.90% EMAIL Addresses 118 replies
58.38% PHONE numbers 115 replies
40.10% VOLUNTEERED 79 replies
43.15% OATH-LP agreed 85 replies

34.52% Contributed to STATE 68 replies
$2,742 Dollars to STATE

3.55% Contributed to COUNTY affiliates 7 replies
$217 Dollars to COUNTY affiliates

$2,410 Dollars NET after cost of mailing
$39.46 Average Donation 75 donors

1143 mailed Oct-27 cost $549 (.48 cents each)
View copy of letter, one page, front and rear

Mailed in window envelope (postage 22 cents)
with self addressed return envelope (add postage thanks)

12:55 AM  

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