Sunday, January 08, 2006

An Open Letter to the LPNC Executive Committee

Here I speak as a member of the party, not with any other title:

Folks, I have been keeping up with everything on this execomm list, and it has gotten to be beyond ridiculous. We are so engaged in hairsplitting and backbiting that we have completely forgotten the whole reason why we are here.

The members of this party in our last convention knew the ballot access challenges that were facing us and elected you to help us meet them. What have you done to meet the responsibility they entrusted to you? In the last three months, we have seen close to zero activity or interest in doing what it takes to get back on the ballot. We have received maybe 10 signatures since October.

And yet our agenda for our next meeting is clogged with motions to define terms or further the divisions plaguing this committee. None of them are healing, none of them advance the mission of the Libertarian Party, and none of them have anything to do with regaining ballot access. It's all just rearranging deck chairs on a rapidly sinking Titanic.

The mission of the Libertarian Party is to change public policy in a libertarian direction by electing Libertarians to public office. If you disagree with that statement, then maybe your efforts are better used elsewhere. That's not a criticism, just a plain fact. There's no shame in working for Liberty the best way you know how. But there is great shame in this committee's deliberately ignoring the mission of this party.

At our next meeting, you a very simple and very stark choice. You can continue on this unproductive path, or you can focus the committee on meeting our ballot access challenges. You can choose either bloodbath or progress. There is no more in between or shades of meaning. Either you are committed to the mission of the party or you aren't. Which will you choose?

If you disagree with the notion that our *only* goal right now is ballot access, then you need to explain to the membership why you think something else is more important.

I strongly urge this committee to reject consideration of ALL motions presented so far, even those I helped put on the table. I ask everyone who has offered a motion that is not directly germane to our mission to please withdraw them. I would make an exception for the budget or any other work that was explicitly charged to a subcommittee before our last meeting, simply out of fairness to those who were charged with these tasks.

I challenge you to change your current unproductive and divisive course of action and recommit this committee to the real work of the Libertarian Party of NC. Here I am not taking any one individual to task, because the entire committee has utterly failed in this regard so far. But I will offer an individual challenge.

We have a week before our next meeting. What can you do in the next week to tangibly further our mission? Not plans, not ideas, not redefinitions, but tangible help delivered right now. Will you be able to report at that meeting anything that you have done to actually help us get back on the ballot?

Don't tell me about other things you have done for Liberty. I know what you've done and it's wonderful. You will get nothing but gratitude from me for that. That's not the point.

Don't tell me that you are one of the few people left here who actually performs the task you were elected to do. Again, I know what you've done and you will get nothing but thanks from me for it. That's not the point either.

You were elected to get this party back on the ballot. Will you choose to acknowledge that responsibility? The membership deserves to know your answer.


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