Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Electoral Fairness Act still alive

An update from Hart Matthews:

I spoke with the chairmain of the Senate Judiciary I committee this morning (Sen. Daniel Clodfelter), and he tells me that House Bill 88 is not dead. He does not think it will go anywhere, but it's still on his list of things to get done, probably early next week.

The bill is still in "committee substitute" form, which means it still sets the signature limit at 2% (69,734 verified signatures). I have conferred with the Libertarians, and they agree this is unacceptable. The chairman is not willing to reduce the level to 0.5% (17,434 verified signatures) because he feels the bill won't pass committee like that. BUT, the Republican majority leader is still committed to amending the bill if it appears in committee.

SO, we still have some time to try to convert key Senators who might vote with the Republicans for an amended version. Here are the people we're contacting:

- On the Senate Judiciary I committee (especially Boseman):
Sen. Julia Boseman, (919) 715-2525,
Sen. Janet Cowell, (919) 715-6400,
Sen. R.C. Soles Jr., (919) 733-5963,

- Other potential swing Senators (especially Bland & Dalton):
Sen. Bob Atwater, (919) 715-3036,
Sen. Pete Bland, (919) 733-6275,
Sen. Walter Dalton, (919) 715-3038,
Sen. John Snow, (919) 733-5875,

I'll post an update as soon as the bill is scheduled in committee.


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