Wednesday, July 05, 2006

LNC regional reps

LNC Secretary Bob Sullentrup has released the list of new regions and regional reps, to go with the list of officers and at large reps previously published. Thanks to Lee Wrights for forwarding this to me.

Region 1 (Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, (maybe) North Dakota, Nebraska)
Tony Ryan (SD)
alternate: Julia Fox (WI), Scott Kohlhaus (second alt) (AK)

Region 2 (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho)
M Carling (CA), Aaron Starr (CA)
alternates: Richard Burke , Scott Lieberman (CA)

Region 3 (Utah, New Mexico, Arkansas, Nevada, Louisiana, Arizona, Texas)
Patrick Dixon (TX)
alternate: Nancy Neale (TX)

Region 4 (Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi)
Mark Bodenhausen (AL)
alternate: Stewart Flood (SC)

Region 5 (Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana)
Emily Salvette (MI)
alternate: Rebecca Sink-Burris (IN)

Region 6 (Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, (maybe) DC)
James W. Lark, III (VA)
alternate: Steve Damerell (VA)

Region 7 (New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont Connecticut, New Hampshire)
Hardy Machia (VT)
alternate: Eric Sundwall (NY)

Orphaned affiliates include: WV, Hawaii, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island.

[back to Sean:] I am still trying to figure out how the heck NC got left off considering we had agreed to form our region before the convention. I'll publish details on that whole mess when it is a bit clearer, but I can say I'm really sorry now I wasn't in Portland to keep my seat on the bylaws committee and push for reforming this broken system. So many states without representation is simply not tolerable.

Setting that aside, it looks like a good bunch of folks. Let's hope they do well.


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