Tuesday, June 20, 2006

update tour

I updated all my beautiful links, something long overdue.

Added links for the NC Open Elections Coalition and our petition, and removed the links to the LP Bylaws Committee work since the convention is close at hand.

New links to the two campaigns for which I serve as Treasurer, George Phillies and Mike Munger.

More news and tools for you, starting with my dear friend Lee Wrights and the ISIL Choice Channel. Plus lots of neat new totally cool stuff coming from our national party, the Libertarian Leadership School, LPedia a collaborative history of the LP, and the brilliantly outsourced LP Stuff.

I also rewarded the Libertarian Reform Caucus for actually starting to make some sense. Top example: Carl Milsted's spot on The Late Great Libertarian Bait and Switch, something I wish all LP members would take to heart.

Gotta give some love to the Matt Cave. Not only does Matt Mittan have me and Lee on his show frequently, it's a great daily site for freedom-oriented news affecting NC.

My definition of NC Libertarian blogs is as loose as possible, including people who have moved away but still one of us, like Seth Anthony, and folks in NC who have been nice to us (and to freedom!) even though they aren't Libertarians, like Matt Hill.

A couple of new interesting blogs outside NC, including another effort from Cato Institute and some righteous rants from Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.

I also removed one link because the author is a flaming jerk who will never be spoken of again here, and Harry Browne's because, well, he died. There just ain't no justice in this life.

One little quirk, blogs are in order of the main author's last name, with the exception of Hammer of Truth and Third Party Watch because they totally rock.

Happy reading!


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