Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Kill this bill quickly I am tired of these bastards just screwing with us"

OK, so I am quoting my good friend and colleague Eric Smith, but he speaks for me when it comes to H88, the now lying sack of manure "Electoral Fairness Act."

The big story the media is missing is the *new* imposition of filing fees in this bill. That negative vastly outweighs the marginal benefit of the reduction in the retention requirement. That's hardly any help to any parties that can't get on the ballot in the first place. I hope the bill is just killed quickly and quietly in conference.

The positioning on this bill is a great example of just little legislators think of serving the people or doing the right thing. The positive Republican amendment failed on a straight party line vote, all Democrats against it except for Ellie Kinnaird. Four years ago, it was Republicans killing our bills while Democrats all rallied around them. That's because back then they were all freaked out about Libertarians getting on the ballot. Now they all know that after us, the Greens are next. Stupid Republicans. Stupid Democrats.

Sen. Dan Clodfelter's remarks to us are most telling. Now I don't want to tick Dan off because he is a truly decent guy who supported our bill. But he would never support the amendments we needed because in his estimation the bill would die in the House if they set it right. And I see that he didn't vote for the Berger amendment on the floor. So I guess that political expediency carries more coin than voting for what you believe is right in Raleigh.

And that's very sad, that even a decent fellow like Dan is so afraid to vote differently from his party. It just goes to show how powerful the influences are in that building, taking legislators away from serving the people and towards serving their party or other special interests.

Thank God for Ellie Kinnaird. If someone can get through years in that environment and still vote her conscience every time, then hope remains.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if ellie kinnaird voted for it, rest assured, it was because she knew it wouldn't pass and she was getting something for herself out of it. she epitomizes modern political corruption. i'll thank god when ellie kinnaird is gone.

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