Sunday, May 28, 2006

A new direction for the LP?

In my recent phase of quiet contemplation, one notion I've latched on to is that we have to be bold to have any chance to succeed. The conservative approach, just trying to maintain what few resources we have right now, that's the path to oblivion, sooner rather than later.

My friend and publisher George Phillies keeps asking me if the LNC shows any concern over their limited fundraising of the last few years, and all I can say is "no, not really." To their credit annual funding has been stable between $1-2 million for the last three years. Times have been tight but no disaster looms either. But that's just not good enough. Grow or die is the law of nature.

Looking back several years now on leaders like Perry Willis, Steve Dasbach and Ron Crickenberger, the criticisms of each remain but you know, they did stuff. They were bold. They had visions and they weren't afraid to shoot for the moon in their pursuit of their goals. And the party not only grew by leaps and bounds through their efforts, we are still reaping benefits from their leadership even today. Their positive examples still resonate through our party's culture.

Things seem to go in cycles with us and maybe we are on the verge of reviving that spirit. We got a bit of a false start with Joe Seehsuen. Joe got it when he said the measure of political power in DC is actually moving public policy, and it was a real shame that he left out of frustration with a micromanaging and timid LNC. But as with those who came before him, I'll bet even his critics still wish we could keep the good stuff he did for us going.

I've always been a fan of Shane Cory. He's more practically minded and thus less spectacular than Seehusen, but a capable adminstrator who can carry out the vision of a Libertarian Party as a player in DC politics. He's a teambuilder and an organizer who is quietly putting the pieces together for our future success.

And now comes the news of Stephen Gordon being hired as our new Communications Director. I have long been a *huge* fan of Steve precisely because he dreams big and then busts his butt to make them real. If you want the LP to start taking a stand for everybody to see, Gordon is your man.

This is an extremely exciting development for the LP. Not only do I expect Gordon to be wildly successful, it speaks well of the party that they want to hire him. I am assuming that the main people with decision making influence here were Cory, Michael Dixon and Michael Colley, although there may be others involved. This move shows us that the party as a whole is ready to be bold again.

Next I would love to see the hiring of a Political Director who has a similar vision and record of action. If you give some money to the LP now that just might bring us closer to that next step.


Anonymous GregD said...

First, the news about Gordon would not have come out for some time if I didn't break the story.

Second, Gordon is divisive and destructive. If you don't recognize then you still have your head buried in the sand.

Third, I have been trying to do constructive things and this LNC and staff keep sabotaging me.

As I said before, Gordon may get us more media, but it will be the type that makes us more suited for Jerry Springer than Face the Nation.

5:18 AM  
Anonymous GregD said...

And by the way, there is considerable evidence that Joe Seehusen has committed fraud (for which he should be investigaged).

Why do you continue to cover up for him?

5:25 AM  
Blogger Sean Haugh said...

Greg, your act has grown quite tiresome. It's to the point where if you hate somebody then they must be great. I am really sick and tired of seeing good people being torn down over petty or even totally made up stuff, and your own blog post about Steve is chock full of both. It's to the point where I am even sick of myself looking back on when I have been highly critical of others in the LP.

You clearly missed my whole point about Willis, Dasbach and the like. I don't regret criticizing either one, but that doesn't negate the good they did. So yeah, it was right to call Joe on blurring the disctinction between members and subscribers but that is not the end of the story. It's a blip on the radar.

Yes Greg you have a lot to offer the party and I have tried to take advantage of that here in NC. But it gets to a point where one is so much of a pain in the neck to work with that it doesn't matter how brilliant they are anymore. You are years past that point. If I were national ED, I would've stopped communicating with you long before Shane Cory did.

12:46 PM  

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