Sunday, July 31, 2005

Blog News

There are two great new blogs by LP State Chairs, Indiana's Mark Rutherford and NC's own Thomas Hill. Rutherford's is an especially welcome entry. They are acting like a real political party up there, and Mark's blog puts their success stories on display. I know I'll be stealing plenty of material from that source. Thomas' blog has plenty of political opinion with a heavy dose of rallying the local troops. It's nice to see some more purely positive examples of LP news and commentary in the blogosphere.

Not to take anything away from anyone else. If you actually go over to Greg Dirasian's Small Government blog you'll find his arguments and experience laid out in a more reasonable fashion that the blog comment literary form generally allows.

This blog of mine is restricted to news and analysis about the Libertarian Party and Liberty For All, which is still my main electronic gig. That leaves all of my general political musings for my personal blog Genus Haha. If you really want to get to know me and where I am coming from politically, you are invited!

And finally, Tim West of Liberty For Sale keeps making noise about going to Kansas City for the next LNC meeting. If he is able to make it, I'm really looking forward to the possibilities. The whole reason why I do this is so an informed membership can better run their own party. If we start getting more press at these meetings, that will take this service to the membership to a whole new level.

Now I feel like I am slighting all the other boffo Libertarian blogs which have simply been consistently excellent lately. If there's one you know about which is not in the links column, please bring it to my attention. Thanks.


Anonymous GregD said...

Thanks for the mention, Sean. I am happy to exchange links with like-minded bloggers.

I am also talking to like-minded individuals to contribute articles to my blog.

8:35 AM  

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