Saturday, August 27, 2005

LNC Meeting Report: more on the Iraq Exit Strategy

I received a one week reprieve for my deadline, and in that week all hell broke loose with NC ballot access, which still dominates my time. But my report is now complete and waiting in Lee's inbox, so I can post the remaining sections.

First, a couple paragraphs I added to a previous report about the Iraq Exit Strategy:

Dixon spoke of his appearance on the Alan Colmes nationally syndicated radio show talking about the IES. He expressed some dismay that the first call, from Terry Parker, took a fratricidal tone, with Parker asserting that as a founding member he was far more qualified to speak for the party than the Chair we elected in convention. Fortunately the rest of the callers were more supportive. Dixon said that the IES gives us a great opportunity to talk to America about things no one else is saying, and that current events prove the prescience of the IES.

During his report, Cory noted that the Lew Rockwell article critical of the IES brought in at least 1800 extra hits to our website and that many of those people signed on to the IES.


Anonymous GregD said...

I have to agree with Terry Parker. Neither staff nor LNC have the right to violate the platform and the will of the members as it has been expressed in convention.

The chair, the staff, and the LNC are horribly out of touch with the membership.

Cory seems to have learned well from his mentor. 1,800 hits from Lew Rockwell, and "many" signed the Iraq Exit Strategy. How many is "many"??? Is that 1% or 99%. Lew Rockwell published his article, "Regime Libertarians" on July 12.

A quick count reveals...
July 9 - 26 total signers
July 10 - 22 total signers
July 11 - 32 total signers
July 12 - 27 total signers
July 13 - 29 total signers
July 14 - 25 total signers

Come long is the LNC going to fall for the deceits of the national office?

8:26 PM  

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