Sunday, August 14, 2005

State Chairs Conference Call 8/13/05

I represented NC in the national LP conference call yesterday regarding dues changes. Here are my notes to my state executive committee:

UMP will be phased out beginning 10/1/05. We will be offered our choice of 6 months continuing full payments or 12 months of payments reduced by 1/12th each month. The latter should be slightly more money, but I haven't done the math. Notify Robert Kraus at HQ with our choice.

Zero dues becomes effective 1/1/06. The deadline for determining our convention allocation is still undetermined, until the precise dates for the agenda are established. Under our bylaws, this date would be one month earlier if the gavel falls on June 30 instead of July 1 (either 12/31/05 or 1/31/06). My reading of the bylaws indicates that we would use dues-paying members under the current system with the earlier deadline and simply all who have ever signed the pledge with the later deadline to calculate state delegate allocations.

Training programs that are part of the zero dues model are in development, covering fundraising, FEC compliance, ballot access, database, member recruitment and candidate recruitment and training. HQ is negotiating with an online university to develop a Libertarian Leadership College, with actual courses good enough for college credit. An FEC seminar is scheduled for Baltimore on 11/11, contact Mark Nelson if you are interested in attending. More RSVPs are needed to make this event viable.

There was a question about the pledge process. A follow up phone call from HQ is required to complete the online process. The credit card number only goes to the authorization center, so we have to call to get it and set up the recurring charge. They are getting a demo version of RE:Net Solutions as an add-on to our current database system. If that doesn't fix this problem, we will develop our own software solution. National can assist states in setting up pledge programs, but cannot accept any of the money themselves. Shane Cory recommends as an easy and cost effective option for states.

One advantage of outsourcing LP News and material sales is allowing states to send money for subscriptions without having to go through the national party or establishing a federal committee for this purpose. Staff is supposed to develop a plan for this outsourcing for the November LNC meeting.


Anonymous Chuck Moulton said...

Are you sure your delegate allocation dates are correct?

I was told delegate allocation would be based on either 11/30/05 or 12/31/05. That is the assumption the LNC and specificly the LNC Secretary seems to be operating under.

12:09 AM  
Blogger Sean Haugh said...

Actually I think Bob is right. I may have been counting the month of the start of the convention when I did that math.

12:37 PM  

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