Monday, August 01, 2005

Don Meinshausen update

Don was able to call me yesterday from his new home in federal pen. He sounds well and is hungry for news and reading material. No internet or news in prison. He also sent a letter with an article for a future Liberty for All. Takes me right back to the days of amateur press associations (APAs) when we did this with mimeos and copiers and made 40 copies or so for distribution. I transcribed a lot of letters from prison back in the day. Never thought that skill would be called upon again.

But enough about me. Christa Landon of the Pagan Institute has put up a great webpage with Don's collected works.

Don asked people to send any kind of magazines to him at:

Don Meinshausen
Inmate number 08496-050
PO Box 7000
Ft Dix NJ 08640

In his letter he mentioned that there is a lot of material from Families Against Mandatory Minimums available, so any libertarian or other pro-freedom material will get distributed in the prison library and read by at least a dozen people. Beats tossing out those old issues of Reason.


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