Saturday, November 19, 2005

LNC Meeting Report - Ballot Access

Redpath reported that the latest fundraising letter is devoted to ballot access, with returns still coming in. This has reduced the ballot access fund balance to about negative $14,000, and he was hopeful that continuing response to the letter would bring the fund to a positive balance by the end of November.

Redpath gave thumbnail sketches of the status for several states for ballot access in 2006:

Arkansas: we currently have about 1000 signatures towards a goal of 10,000 to run a candidate for Governor. If that candidate receives 3% of the vote, we’ll have full ballot status there in 2008.

Illinois: we need 25,000 signatures there but the prospects for meeting this goal are bleak. A result of 5% in a statewide race would get us full ballot status in 2008. There is no report on whether any signatures have been collected yet in Illinois.

Maine: we need 4,000 signatures, but the state party there feels they have no ability to complete this themselves, and no candidate to run even if they did.

Massachusetts: Redpath is playing phone tag with that state party, but doubts the ability of running a statewide slate there.

Nebraska: we can run a full slate with 4,735 signatures.

New Hampshire: we need 3,000 signatures to run a candidate for Governor in 2006. Redpath is playing phone tag with them as well, but considers them to be on their own to accomplish this.

New York: we need 15,000 signatures to run a candidate for Governor. If we get 50,000 votes in that race we’ll have full ballot access there through 2010. Considering we have never reached this vote total in that race, the outlook for New York is not terribly positive.

North Carolina: we have collected about a third of the 69,734 signatures needed for full party access through 2008. Redpath considers this too daunting to tackle now.

North Dakota: we need 7,000 signatures, and 5% in any statewide office wins ballot access for 2008.

Redpath listed Arkansas, Massachusetts, Nebraska and North Dakota as the states from this list where he felt we could make the difference with some funding and support from the LNC. He is still gathering information to develop a clearer picture of how and where to proceed. He asked for approval for him to disburse funds for petitioning in 2006 if there are positive funds in the ballot access fund and with the approval of the Chair. Starr so moved, and it passed by a voice vote with Squyres as the only dissent. Squyres pointed out that this was exactly the attitude with which we entered the ballot access situation in 2004, which resulted in overspending the fund by more than $30,000 and much controversy.


Blogger Christopher Bennett said...


The LP of Illinois have decided by vote decided not to run state wide candidates in 2006. I was at the convention for the business meeting.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous George Phillies said...

Running a state slate in Massachusetts interferes with ballot access for all other libertarians in partisan races. However, there is no indication that anyone has a campaign for statewide office.

11:05 AM  

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