Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bylaws Proposal: Allow LNC removal of Regional Representative to LNC

Again thanks to Dan Karlan:

Bowing to current legal niceties, the LNC recently adopted a policy on sexual harassment and other objectionable behavior by LNC members towards other LNC members and towards staff. Enforcement of that policy, to protect the LP from potentially catastrophic lawsuits, requires that the LNC be capable of applying the ultimate penalty – removal from the LNC of the offending member. But the Bylaws protect Regional Representatives – fully half the LNC – and declare that they can only be removed by action of the corresponding affiliates. This proposal would confer on the LNC the ability to apply the penalty of removal to all LNC members, including Regional Representatives.

Note well: the proposal would still allow the corresponding affiliates to remove their Regional Representative, as now (Article 10, paragraph 7).


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