Sunday, January 22, 2006

Working Together

(The slightly cryptic nature of these entries is because they are posts from the LPNC discussion list. For some editorial reason that I don't fully understand myself, I choose to reprint them as is. If you want background, ask questions in the comments or check out the list archive. And remember, this is my home so any comments just to tell me what flavor of jerk I am will be deleted.)

Elise keeping coming back to an excellent point, which is that we should all be able to work together regardless of anything else that is going on. Thanks to the professionalism and good will of all involved, this is happening.

For a few examples, I'm working to make the transition of my duties and LPNC property in my possession as smooth and complete as possible. I see no reason to add any extra difficulty to the process, and Phil has brought the same attitude to this task. Phil has asked me to stay on with the lawsuit for LPNC, which I will gladly do, with the attitude that all of us named plaintiffs are all in this together and so will show each other nothing but full cooperation. And Lee has already reported similarly about his working relationship with Phil.

To his credit, Phil has done an excellent job of keeping communications open and forthright since he became Chair. I've known Phil for 10 years now and love him a lot on a personal level. One of the nice things about dealing with him is that I can say exactly what I think without too much emotional drama attached.

Yes I have a lot to say about the current state of the party and strongly dissent from its current direction. I feel a compelling duty to the party that does not let me keep silent about it. One of the main reasons why I took so long to join the current debate is to get a more objective grip on my perceptions. (I'm a big fan of sleeping on things, as many nights as necessary.) This helps me state my view in as positive and constructive way as possible. Yes, I am angry, disappointed, hurt. So I won't be perfect here, but I'm trying and very much appreciate that effort when displayed by others.

It is possible to love someone and still think they are doing wrong, even to the point of being angry with them. In my circle of close friends, people who are afraid to tell me when they think I am in the wrong don't last too long. It's because they really do love me and they know that doing right is what's best for me. Following the golden rule, this is how I treat others.

It is possible to acknowledge the good that people do while still addressing the negatives. Everyone involved here has done a lot for the party and obviously honestly believes that whatever they are doing is best for it. I hope that understanding is never lost by any of us.

It is possible to acknowledge that all of us are good at some things and not others. Particularly, being a good member of a board of directors requires quite a number of refined skills. There's no shame in this, but generally everyone is happier, especially yourself, when you stick with your strengths and let others handle the rest.

I'm not looking to drive anyone away. I'm trying to let go of the desire to throw stones at anyone or avenge past offenses, as difficult as that is. To me this is simply about doing what is right. It's about maintaining our honor as we get deeper into the dirty business of politics. I believe it is possible for us to resolve our differences with the result of a more positive working relationship for all.

I remain dedicated to the cause of Liberty and to the Libertarian Party as a vehicle to help get us there. I'm not too worried about no longer being Executive Director of the LPNC. There's still plenty of productive party work to keep me busy and loving it.


Anonymous George Phillies said...

What will your party do without you?

7:14 PM  
Blogger Sean Haugh said...

We'll find out now, won't we? ;-)

10:55 PM  

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