Friday, May 12, 2006

The new LP Life of Sean

I haven’t been writing much lately because I’ve been keeping busy with other things. After leaving my position as Executive Director of the LPNC, I’ve been examining and sorting through my life. Sorting is good – you figure out what is truly valuable.

But I ain’t been doing nothing. It’s funny, since my “retirement” in some ways I’ve been even busier with Libertarian stuff than usual. The difference is I’ve only been doing the things I want to do.

Since mid-April, I have:

* appeared on a panel for Leadership Durham, a local politician school,

* participated in Springfest at East Chapel Hill HS, speaking with three classes full of students,

* appeared twice on Matt Mittan’s show on WWNC in Asheville,

* spoken at the Georgia LP state convention,

* spoken at a luncheon following the NC Green Party’s convention,

* attended the hearing of the state’s motion to dismiss our lawsuit,

* lobbied state senators about our ballot access bill now that the short session has begun,

* attended the LPNC convention, where I mostly played nice and was elected to the LPNC Judicial Committee,

* taken on the role of Treasurer for two campaigns, Phillies 2008 and Mike Munger for NC Governor (both sites still works in progress),

* continued my work on the national LP Bylaws and Program Committees (although to be honest Bruce Dovner is doing all of the work on the latter),

* and kept up with the weekly meetings of the Durham County LP, including being reelected as Chair.

The common thread in most of these items is that they are about getting out of the house, away from the computer and spreading the good word to others. As I mentioned in my “retirement” section of my last LNC Meeting Report, I feel I have spent way too much time on internal party workings and it has been getting me down. Nothing like taking the show on the road. Whether it’s high school students, our Green allies or anybody else, I’ve been having lots more fun and success lately talking to folks outside the LPNC in ways other than email.

Does this mean I'll be posting more regularly again? No promises. I may be having too much fun.


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