Monday, February 06, 2006

Bylaws Proposal: Provide for automatic removal of officers and at-large members for non-attendance

More thanks to Dan Karlan. Feel free to join the discussion of these proposals at the LP Bylaws Message Board.

While the LNC has the authority to remove officers and at-large members, this is an extremely severe action, and the LNC usually has much critical business to attend to. But an officer or at-large member who has been absent for a significant number of LNC meetings imposes a severe burden on the remaining members, who take their commitment seriously. This proposal would ease the difficulty for the LNC for this one reason, consistent non-attendance over the course of, perhaps 3 meetings: nearly one full year of LNC meetings.

[Sean's note:] We put this into our bylaws in NC about 10 years ago and this policy has worked great for us.


Anonymous GregD said...

Although it is true that the LNC has much important business to attend to, I've yet to see them do it.

They have a staff that is out of control and not doing their jobs as defined by the LNC policy manual and common sense.

If anybody things that the LNC is doing anything on consequence, they are deluded.

7:04 PM  

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