Thursday, July 19, 2007

Recent articles

I have published some at Liberty For All since the beginning of the year. I got a bee in my bonnet about the Ron Paul Nut Cult and wrote Ron Paul, what have you done for me lately? a few weeks back. It was a festival of illiteracy. I wrote it in a deliberately provocative style and very few people got it. I discovered the existence of the Ron Paul Nut Cult brigade, always looking to smite anyone who says anything that is less than worshipful about the candidate they have accepted as their personal savior. Read the comments all the way through, not only are they just so sad they will take you on a emotional rollercoaster, you can also learn a lot about what it takes to really tick me off.

Later I thought better of it and wrote the exact same column from a totally positive point of view and called it What can I do for Ron Paul?. Of course, the one person who offered substantive comment praised me for my change of heart. *sigh*

Early in the year I wrote Some thoughts about the Mission Statement which is very much Libertarian party business. So it's there in case you care what I think the Libertarian Party ought to be.

Someone else really twisted my ponytail with an offhand comment on a mailing list, and of course I am being an idiot by vastly increasing the chances he will find it by mentioning it here, but I am that kind of idiot that cares more about what I wrote than what people might think about it. The most annoying kind of bigotry for me at least is all those uptight white guys who are always on the lookout for racism and sexism, when in fact the non-white-guys are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, and have a much better sense of humor too.

I'm with my homeboy Toby Keith, "hate me if you want to/love me if you can." I care a lot about giving love and respect to my fellow humans, but I'm long past caring if I annoy you.


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