Saturday, November 19, 2005

LNC Meeting Report - Program Committee

Starr moved to remove all members of the Program Committee due to a lack of work product.

According to the Bylaws, the Program is to be comprised of a maximum of 10 issues which are currently receiving widespread national public attention, are readily identifiable by most individuals as matters which affect them personally and directly, and which are clearly identified as interim or transitional proposals which move us toward a libertarian society.

Region 4 Representative Michael Gilson De Lemos has been working on a Program for quite some time, which can be found here. While the work there is extensive, it concentrates on providing a toolkit for party growth and in no way resembles the Program as described above.

Starr’s motion passed by voice vote. Squyres nominated Sean Haugh (NC) to serve on the committee, Carling nominated Bruce Dovner (CA), and Region 3 Representative Dena Breudigam (Ohio) volunteered herself. These nominations were approved.

This will be an interesting challenge for me, as I am one of the people on the Bylaws Committee who suggests we abolish the Program entirely. (For the rationale behind this proposal you can find Geoff Neale’s view on my blog and my own in my article Why have rules if we don’t follow them?) However I was persuaded by a point made in the debate that we should at least give the convention delegates an opportunity to see what a Program can do so they can make a more informed decision about whether it’s worth keeping.

Dovner has faithfully submitted a Program for the California LP for several years. The current version can be found here. I am quite familiar with his work, which in my view is most excellent. With his presence on the committee I am sure we can deliver a high quality product to the LNC for approval prior to the convention.


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