Monday, May 22, 2006

The new proposed LP Program

It has been an honor to work with Bruce Dovner of the California LP on a new Program. Regular readers may recall that I was named two meetings ago to the Program Committee, along with Bruce and regional rep Dena Bruedigam. This was a bit of a surprise to me considering I was on record calling for the elimination of the Program. But I figured, if I'm going to ask for that change in the Bylaws in Portland, at least the delegates should see what a Program could be so they could make a more informed decision.

The truth is that Bruce did all the work. My job is simply to bless his product, and I do so without reservation. The final draft has been submitted to the LNC for approval. You can view it in Rich text format(rtf) or as an MS Word file(doc). If you like it (or not) contact your LNC members and let them know. The goal is to have it approved in time for distribution to the delegates in Portland.

My conception of the Program is that it should offer some level of detail about what Libertarians could do immediately if elected to Congress. This presupposes that we would have to form coalitions and work with Democrats and Republicans to get its provisions passed into law. The focus then is heavy on transitional measures, with little to no posturing about the end goals which belong in the Platform.

I have always said that I would enthusiastically support any measure which moves us towards Liberty, no matter how great or small a step. There are some items in Bruce's proposal with which I could quibble, but would still support because I do not wish to make the perfect the enemy of the good. And Bruce's work is very good indeed.

Thank you Bruce for this offering. I am hoping the LNC approves this Program without amendment quickly.


Blogger Hardy Machia said...

Overall I think the program is very good. I have a couple small comments.

1. "Medical Savings Accounts" were phased out in favor of "Health Savings Accounts". Individuals with MSAs could not roll over their savings to the next year and were not very widely accepted. HSAs do all participants to roll over their contributions year after year, and have caught on with many users. So, I'd refer to HSAs instead of MSAs.

2. Under health care, I would add enforcing the original intent of the commerce clause so individuals in one state are able to buy insurance from providers in another state. (In about 10 states, Vermont among them, this would drop the cost of health insurance by about 50%.)

3. "enacted through the Congress but NOT by a constitutional convention" -- saying through a constitution amendment is a enough. This sounds a little flakey to me.

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