Thursday, July 19, 2007

Still gettin' the Christian Action at age 74

As a born-again Christian myself, I waver between outrage and depression over those who use that label to force other people to live by their own twisted anti-Christian morality. Satan has definitely ensnared another such hypocrite, former State Representative, Cabarrus County Commissioner and President of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, Rev. Coy Privette. Today the 74 year old Privette was charged with multiple counts of soliciting prostitution at least six times from 32-year-old Tiffany Denise Summers over the last year.

Thank God, criminals are generally very stupid people. If I am reading between the lines correctly, the way Rev. Privette was caught was he paid Ms. Summers twice by check, and then reported the checks as stolen. So not only did law enforcement have reason to find out what really happened with those checks, Rev. Privette crossed the one person in the world who he needed to keep his secret.

Like most public moralists, Rev. Privette apparently feels the world must be protected from his particular brand of evil. The group with a baldfaced Satanist lie for a name, the Christian Action League of NC, is on the warpath to keep you from drinking, gambling or even thinking about these things. Hot topics on their website include:

* railing against a law that would supposedly allow a non-profit to sell alcohol at fundraisers (having been raised Episcopalian, the notion of not having a cash bar at a charity fundraiser seems incomprehensible to me - unless it's an open bar);

* advocating laws against "fetal homicide" (which is just their way of getting a foot in the door of declaring fetuses to be legal persons so they can outlaw abortion);

* spouting nonsense about restricting advertising for the lottery (I hate the lottery too, and would root for a quick crash for any driver if they put it on the hood of their stock car, but jeez, what do you expect them to do?);

* more piling on Jim Black for his crimes while expressing confusion about how good Republican and very recently former Rep. David Almond could possibly have gotten into trouble (and since the media is avoiding the truth of this story like the plague, I thank God for bloggers like Left on 49 who are willing to publish the salacious details);

* and plenty of the bloviating over the usual hobgoblins of drunk driving, video poker and sex ed.

These people are the living representatives of Satan on Earth today. How they could twist the love and mercy offered to us by God and the redemption given to us by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ into an unholy crusade to make sure only they are allowed to sin is beyond my imagination. I know, I know, this story is as old as recorded history, and yet I still just can't wrap my mind around how people can so deliberately miss the point.

Oh yeah, of course there is nothing up on their website decrying public officials who consort with prostitutes. So I guess that was OK all along.

And if it weren't embarrassing enough for Rev. Privette, wait until all his white Christian friends get a look at with whom he was consorting:

There just ain't no hiding place for sinners like Rev. Coy Privette. And before you give me any grief about that, I know I'm just as much a sinner as Rev. Privette or anyone else. But at least I know that the person that has to be protected from committing my particular sins is me, not everyone else.


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