Thursday, July 19, 2007

Upcoming Radio Shows

I'm also keeping up with my radio appearances. Lee Wrights and I make a great team, lighting up the phone lines with outraged callers is our specialty. Fortunately, the majority seem to get worked up with us instead of at us. ;)

Thursday August 9th at 4.30pm EST Libertared Space hosted by the ultracool Angela Keaton. It's on in Austin Texas and all around the globe thanks to the glorious internet.

The very next day, Friday August 10th from 3-6pm, Lee and I will be guest hosting again for Matt Mittan on WWNC in Asheville. It's "free-for-all Friday" and we intend to deliver!

I've also been phoning in about once a month for an hour on the Jerry Hughes show on the Accent Radio Network with 22 affiliates across the country and half a dozen internets feeds. Jerry is a true patriot and a student of history so it is always a joy sharing time with him and his listeners.

Off to see the new Harry Potter movie with my sweetie. Be back this evening to talk about what is really on my mind today. Like that hypocrite slimebag Coy Privette, prostitute loving County Commissioner and public moralist.


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