Saturday, November 19, 2005

LNC Meeting Report - Platform and Credentials Committees

The LNC appointed members of the Platform and Credentials Committees at this meeting. The Platform Committee has 20 members, one each from the top ten states in membership, and ten appointed by the LNC, including no less than five members from states other than the ten having the most members. The Credentials Committee is made up of five members chosen by the LNC and one each from the top five states in membership.

Each LNC member had ten votes each which they could use positively or negatively. The first round of Platform voting determined the first nine members with a four way tie for the tenth spot.

Lorenzo Gaztenaga (MD) 13 13-0
David Aiken (CO) 12 12-0
George Squyres (AZ) 12 14-2
Adam Mayer (OR) 11 11-0
Robert Murphy (OK) 11 11-0
Trevor Southerland (TN) 11 11-0
David Owens (PA) 11 13-2
Tim West (WV) 9 10-1
Donny Ferguson (VA) 8 8-0

Lee Wrights (NC) 7 7-0
Chuck Williams (SC) 7 7-0
Jim Duensing (NV) 7 7-0
Greg Clark (WA) 7 7-0

Bea Jones (SC) 3 7-4
Bill van Allen (FL) 1 1-0
Michael Gilson De Lemos (FL) -8 0-8

The runoff was won by Wrights. Wrights received 12 votes, to three for Williams, one for Duensing and none for Clark. The other three with seven votes were ranked as alternates based on the runoff results in the order above. Having received positive votes, Jones and van Allen were named at 4th and 5th alternates.

One positive result is the election of Tim West. Along with David Aiken, that means the Reform Caucus will be well represented. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, it’s always better for a significant viewpoint within the party to have a voice at the table. While all of the folks who were elected will serve well I’m sure, it was sad to see committee veteran Greg Clark not make the first cut. Let’s hope Washington can get its numbers up so he can get one of the state based appointments and continue his distinguished service on this committee.

The Credentials vote was much more straightforward, yielding this result:

Emily Salvette (MI) 16
Dena Breudigam (OH) 15
Greg Johnson (TX) 14
Jack Tanner (FL) 13
Michael Houze (IN) 8
Ronda Birr (OH) 7

The top four vote getters are all long time committee veterans. Birr is Breudigam’s sister and was very helpful at the Atlanta convention. She was named as an alternate.

The LNC chooses interim Chairs for these committees. By tradition they grant that position to the highest vote getters, with the understanding that the committees will select their own Chairs once they start work. Both Gaztenaga and Salvette were present and deferred to Squyres and Johnson respectively, in recognition of their past leadership of these committees.


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