Friday, July 20, 2007

Jim Black will look good in orange

What I just said below notwithstanding, new news on old scandals will give me the opportunity to say some things that have long been on my mind, such as my longstanding view expressed in this post's title.

Today's news on Jim Black shows how having power makes him believe that the law should be different for special citizens like himself. Here is a fellow who testified under oath that "I only have two drinks ever," and yet now he wants free treatment for alcoholism when he goes to jail. Apparently, the former House Speaker sees prison as an opportunity to go on welfare.

Earlier this week, Black asked that his sentence be delayed six weeks so he can have his choice of prison facilities. He still has no clue. Prison is supposed to be inconvenient, dumbass. They don't schedule an appointment, they just come to take you away. He obviously did not read the papers about Paris Hilton's most recent drunk driving escapades, including polls indicating over 90% of the population wanted her to serve her full sentence. That's because in this country we believe this crazy notion that the law should be the same for everybody. We're sick and tired of the rich and/or famous acting like the law should be kinder to them just because they are so damn special.

If anything, there should be extra time added to Jim Black's sentence for every clueless arrogant request he makes. A well connected guy like him is likely to be the inmate with the most cigarettes, so really he shouldn't worry too much about where he goes.


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